Brownie Facts: Who does not like Chocolates and Brownies?- a phrase which is certainly repeated in households all across Europe and America and some of the other prime countries in the world. Although it is still considered a delicacy in India, it is a routine dish abroad without which the dessert section of a family dinner remains incomplete and meaningless.

10 Amazing Brownie Facts that will surprise you! 

Brownie Facts

The soft subtle taste of chocolate, mixed with biscuits, caramel, raisin and hazelnuts at times organized into a fluffy cake-like mixture which melts as soon as it hits our mouth- even my senses are aroused when I am writing this piece. Primarily Chocolate Brownies have slowly begun becoming a regular in the dessert section of top Indian Restaurants that offer continental and Chinese dishes catering to the needs and specifications of consumers who do not prefer the richness of Mughlai Food. Following is the list of the 10 most amazing facts about Brownies-

No Information about its Origin – Although it is an important delicacy catering to the oral pleasures of millions of people across the globe, there is no information about the origin of the Brownie as a prime dessert after delicious dishes. Some people think that it was discovered by a chef who was making cake dough using chocolates and biscuits and accidentally was successful in making this dish which later turned out to be a sensation. On the other hand, some believe that the origin of Chocolate Brownies can be traced to a normal household kitchen.

Ingredients for making Brownie – The traditional Brownies are composed of ingredients like Butter, Flour, Chocolates, Egg and Sugar. Chocolate is the most important ingredient in the process as it helps in adding to the rich flavor of the brownie. Adding to that is the butter component that makes the brownie soft and fluffy making it such a delectable dish and ensuring that it will be such a beautiful dish post the dinner. 

Fudgy Brownies – In preparing a brownie the butter must be creamed and made soft and fluffy so that the butter can add to the richness of the brownie and make it extremely fine and soft. However, melting the butter is crucial in the process as melting allows the brownie to be soft and munchy so that it can be a delectable dish after dessert helping the dish to become such a classic. 

Cake Like Brownies – At times the brownies are made with added and extra constituents of flour which is the principal component used in making cakes. If flour is added in additional quantity then the brownie attains the shape and structure of a cake. With the addition of flour, brownies become fluffy and cake-like with chocolate being the most attractive ingredient of them all. 

Chewy Brownies – At times Brownies that are made as dessert become chewy and munchy which adds a completely different texture to the brownie. The chewiness becomes evident if some more proportion of egg is added additionally. At times eggs are used as a combination with different types of chocolate. The chewiness ensures that the brownie facts is different in taste and crunchy in nature. 

Chocolate Free Brownies – At times brownies can be made without chocolate. This is a wrong preconceived notion that brownies can be made only with chocolate. If there is no chocolate in the brownie sugar, butter and vanilla cream is used as the component of brownies. The brownies which do not possess chocolate are known as blondies and this attractive name generates a lot of interest amid the desert fanatics. 

Being the most comfortable of desserts – Brownies are considered to be the most comfortable of the desserts that exist in our repertoire of delicacies. Brownies can not only be made with considerable ease but are also very sweet and delicious to eat. Moreover, it does not involve much hard work and the procedure used in making brownies is similar to that of making cakes. 

The presence of World Brownie Day – December 8th is considered to be the World Brownie Day the world over as people all around the world celebrate the occasion by having Brownie facts. The day is celebrated with the true spirit of this dessert and makes the day such a memorable occasion for dessert lovers. 

Presence of Fairytale Brownies – Some people might not be aware but there is a mythical creature called Brownie which finds its place among the fairytales. It is described as an elf who acts like a genie and fulfills the wishes of people at night performing good deeds. 

Different varieties of Brownies – Brownies are found in different varieties based on the components that are used in making the brownies. Some of the prime varieties of brownie include flourless brownies and sugarless brownies. 


Thus there is seldom any doubt about the fact that Brownies is undoubtedly at the top of the list of the most favorite dessert dishes of all time.